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The Rhode Island Member Lawyer Directory divides the practice of law into fourteen general categories or areas of law. Each of these areas of law include many specific legal issues and topics. Usually the area of law that includes your legal issue or topic will be obvious. Sometimes determining an area of law will be difficult or impossible without the help of a lawyer.  Visit the Law Library if you need help determining which Area of Law includes your specific legal issue.  Click an Area of Law link below to find member lawyers serving Rhode Island.

RI General Practice Lawyers
Rhode Island General Practice, General Lawyers
RI Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers Rhode Island Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers
RI Bankruptcy Lawyers Rhode Island Bankruptcy Lawyers
RI Business Lawyers Rhode Island Business Lawyers
RI Consumer Law & Issues Lawyers Rhode Island Consumer Law & Issues Lawyers
RI Corporate Lawyers Rhode Island Corporate Lawyers
RI Criminal Law & DUI Defense Lawyers Rhode Island Criminal Law & DUI Defense Lawyers
RI Employment & Workplace Lawyers Rhode Island Employment & Workplace Lawyers
RI Family, Divorce & Elder Lawyers Rhode Island Family, Divorce & Elder Lawyers
RI Immigration Lawyers Rhode Island Immigration Lawyers
RI Commercial & Civil Litigation Lawyers Rhode Island Commercial & Civil Litigation Lawyers
RI Medical Malpractice Lawyers Rhode Island Medical Malpractice Lawyers
RI Real Estate & Construction Lawyers Rhode Island Real Estate & Construction Lawyers
RI Wills, Trusts & Estate Lawyers Rhode Island Wills, Trusts & Estates Lawyers



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